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Introducing the Winter Wonderland Kids’ Sports Camp – Where Joy, Sports, and Creativity Unite!

🌟Experience the Magic of Winter Sports!🌟

This holiday season, we invite you to join us for an unforgettable adventure at our fully funded Winter Wonderland Kids’ Sports Camp. Designed especially for children on free school-related benefits (Paid spaces also avaliable), we believe that every child deserves a joyful and active holiday experience. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer a program that’s fun, educational, and cost-free!

What Awaits Your Child?

Sports Galore:Get ready for a range of exciting sports activities, from basketball to soccer, and even a dash of fencing! Our experienced coaches will guide your little ones through the basics, enhancing their athletic skills while promoting teamwork and sportsmanship

**Creative Craft Corner:** Unleash your child’s artistic side with crafting sessions. They can create cards and bracelets, giving them a chance to express their creativity and bring home handcrafted keepsakes.

Zen Moments with Yoga:We’ll introduce your kids to the calming world of yoga, helping them find their inner peace and balance. It’s the perfect counterbalance to all the high-energy sports activities.

Zoo Adventure: The icing on the cake – a thrilling trip to the zoo! Your child will embark on a wild journey, discovering amazing animals and creating lasting memories.

Enroll Your Child for a Fully Funded Space Now! Use code XMASHAF23 if eligible – eligibility will be checked before booking confirmation.

We believe in the power of sports, creativity, and education to enrich young lives. That’s why our Winter Wonderland Kids’ Sports Camp is fully funded for children on free school-related benefits, ensuring that no child is left out due to financial constraints.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity for your child to stay active, make new friends, and learn new skills during the holiday season. Spaces are limited, so secure your child’s spot today! This course is free for those eligible – Please check here if you are unsure. Data is shared with the relevant local authority to ensure sign-ups are eligible 

Trainers, leisure wear or shorts, sun cream, t-shirt and a cap if the weather is warm

  • Equipment is provided
  • Please bring a drink
  • Lunch is provided