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We will be hosting a Christmas ‘Pop Up’ Market for families who may struggle to afford a Christmas Dinner over the Winter Holiday Period. Families will be invited to put together a hamper containing all essential items needed to make a truly special Christmas Dinner for them and their families to enjoy this Christmas. Families will also be able to choose a few extra meals to help see them through the holiday period.

We also hope to provide Christmas treats, crackers and decorations, and a couple of toys for each family to put a smile on everyone’s faces this Christmas.  As well a festive hot meal, drink, Christmas Craft Activity, and Festive Music and Karaoke to make this a truly magical event.

Hampers are limited and will be allocated on a need only basis to families with children in receipt of FSMs. If you feel like this is something you can benefit from, please contact your local school and ask them to contact Jordon Hudd at Jordon.Hudd@oasisuk.org or on 07395 954811

Hampers will only be allocated once FSM status has been confirmed.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to delivery any hampers but you’re welcome to invite someone to collect it on your behalf.