The Department for Education (DfE) has provided a grant of £1.8m to Bristol City Council (BCC) as part of their Holiday Activity and Food Programme (HAF).

HAF funding can be used to provide free school holiday activities, including a meal and health food education, to school-aged children and young people who receive free school meals (FSM). BCC and its partners have provided grant funding to over 100 different organisations since 2021 to run holiday activities across Bristol as part of the Your Holiday Hub programme, that meet the requirements set out by the DfE.

DfE Requirements are:

  • available over the spring, summer and winter school holidays (not including half-terms)
  • be a minimum of four hours long
  • include a physical and enrichment activities
  • include a free, healthy, nutritious and tasty meal
  • educate children and their families about healthy eating
  • provide advice and support to families

If you are unsure whether your child is eligible for a free YHH school holiday activity club please speak to your child’s education setting.

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