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Event Series Activity Series: Junk scrap modelling

Help us create a junk dragon sculpture out of metal learning how to weld and using scrap collected from Hartcliffe City Farm

Hartcliffe City Farm Dragon -Story!

The battle between justice and injustice. The triumph of community over greed, and the cycle of over-consumption, self-destruction, gluttony and death, followed by the regeneration of fragile but resilient innocent new beginnings. 

Fantasy theme, this will be relevant and accessible, and provide a platform for engagement that triggers the imagination. Dragons, representing the unpredictable, wise, fertile and righteously vengeful defending spirit of the earth air and seas, depicted in different cultures over the globe with inexplicably similar traits. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiamat, https://www.aboriginal-art-australia.com/aboriginal-art-library/rainbow-serpent/, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shenlong)

Warriors, battles and characters (marvel, pokemon, harry potter)

The earth’s resources are plundered, the profits are hoarded, the products are distributed unequally, and the earth is not given time to regenerate. 

Renegade children are fighting a guerrilla war against the faceless forces that control the world’s resources, in a battle to save the landscape they live in from destruction by fire, pollution, drought and desertification.

Heads on spikes- the things that frighten us, our own weaknesses and worst attributes that we can acknowledge Masks warrior mask, identities, values, images of what we could be at our most powerful   

Commemorative representation, raising up the things we hold dear- spirits, animals, loved ones lost

Our dragon is disturbed by the hubris of late 20th century humankind, has been disrupted from her sleep on the ocean floor and has risen to find the cause of the heat, the noise and bad smells. 

She finds that the worst parts of humankind have become the most powerful- greed, gluttony, laziness, have overtaken what she used to see, which were community, respect, fairness and equality. (keen to avoid religious overtones, yet want to use these basic values)

 The dragon joins forces with the children, helping to defeat the power-hungry old monsters, restoring balance to the world. They go further, and create a new generation of diverse mixed-species hybrid infants, with unique powers that will evade the traps and failings of previous generations, to ensure we never go down that road again.

Sound like a great story we just need the young people to help us create the dragon sculpture!