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🔐Can we work together and escape the Wallace & Gromit room within the given 60 minutes?

🔍We’ll split off into two teams, with a member of staff per room. With your chosen team, delve into another world of mysteries and puzzles whilst working together to release the rooms secrets.

After Locked in a room we will be heading over to Las iguanas for food.

This event is for our KS3/4 with a hearing loss

To book your place-KS3/4 Locked in a room & Food | The Family Centre (Deaf Children) (fcdc.org.uk)

Join us: Become a member of FCDC. Membership to FCDC is open to all families in Bristol and surrounding  areas who are living with a hearing loss.

Membership is free to become a member- Join | The Family Centre (Deaf Children) (fcdc.org.uk)