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BrushBot Electronics

We challenge you to build a robot out of an electric toothbrush! You will then use your ‘Brushbot’ to complete the Club Digimakers obstacle course and even compete in the ‘Brushbot Olympics’!

You can take your Brushbot home after the session.

Who is it for? Children aged 10-14

Skill Level: Beginner. Suitable for anyone interested in building a robot.

We will be offering a morning and afternoon session. Please book one session per day.


What is Digimakers? 

We offer free, technology-based workshops centered around exploring the creative worlds of electronics and computing.  The workshops are created and delivered by Engineering students and staff from the University of Bristol  https://www.digimakers.co.uk/about-us/ 

What will we do? 

Get hands-on and explore ‘making’ in the digital world through a range of fun activities.